Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) an Effective Hair Loss Treatment?

The below question posted on our Hair Loss Social Community and Discussion Forums was answered by a representative for Coalition hair restoration surgeons Dr. Ron Shapiro , Dr. Paul Shapiro and Dr. David Josephitis: Is platelet rich plasma (PRP) without hair transplant surgery an effective hair loss treatment? As with any hair loss treatment you have to understand what you’re getting into before you commit. PRP is controversial for a number of possible reasons, but I believe it boils down to the basics. PRP is not a standardized procedure and the details of how it is performed will vary from clinic to clinic. This is why you have variable outcomes on top of the fact that it works well in only a subset of patients. PRP tends to work better in patients that don’t have aggressive hair loss, to the point of being bald. Those that have a general diffused thinning react better because there is more hair to “revive”. PRP can also be oversold in various hair restoration clinics […]