Why Hair Restoration is Nothing to Be Embarrassed About

Thu 7 Feb 2013

embarrassed_picWanting to improve your appearance and self-confidence is nothing to be embarrassed about. Men and women with weight issues publicly join gyms, try new workout programs and openly share their diet plans and weight loss goals with others. So why should hair loss and hair restoration be any different?

Regrettably, many hair loss sufferers still live in fear of sharing their hair restoration experience and results with others. While hair transplant surgery is an important decision that requires careful research and due diligence, men and women don’t have to be ashamed to admit that they’ve taken steps to improve their appearance, self-confidence and lives.  In fact, openly sharing and relating with other balding men and women can be real encouraging for those who’ve taken steps to restore their thinning hair.

Recently, forum member “Danny1976” started a new topic on our hair loss forum asking for member input on whether or not he should tell his girlfriend about his upcoming hair restoration procedure. Member input on the topic is somewhat divided. You are encouraged to share your thoughts by visiting the discussion topic “Should I Tell My Girlfriend about My Hair Transplant?

You are also encouraged to share your experience and results with other patients like you by creating a new topic on our popular hair restoration forum.


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