Body to Scalp Hair Transplants: What is the Best BHT Donor Hair?

Wed 10 Jul 2013

This question, asked by a member of our Hair Loss Social Community and Discussion Forums, was answered by Coalition hair transplant surgeon Dr. Patrick Mwamba.

Dr. Mwamba, have you performed beard to scalp hair transplants of more than 600 to 700 beard hairs? What about pubic hair? Do they have pretty much same characteristic as beard hair? Have ever explored that option?

Dr_MwamabaOf course! We routinely harvest 1000 to 2000 beard hairs in some patients and mix them with scalp hairs or alone for hair restoration or scar repair, etc.

Pubic hairs are also a very good source that we use for body hair transplants (BHT). The limit with pubic hairs is the quantity you can get. So far, we harvest 200 to 300 grafts from the pubic region and we usually mix them with beard and chest hair.

In terms of quality for BHT, I would rank the donor hair in the following order:

  1. Beard hair
  2. Pubic hair
  3. Chest hair
  4. Abdomen hair
  5. Leg hair

Armpit hairs are also good but very challenging to harvest. Some patients also have good back and arm hairs. We have used all of them with, of course, variable outcomes.

Dr. Patrick Mwamba
David (TakingThePlunge)
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  1. abdi says:

    Is it possible to transplant my pubic hair to my scalp

  2. sanju says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information, It is very useful and who are searching forBody hair Transplant

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