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  1. Jim Courtney
    July 18, 2015 @ 10:45 am

    Hello. I just had a beard transplant 1500 grafts (strip). It has been about 96 hours (4 days) since I had the surgery. i soaked my face in tub for 10 minutes in a warm bath as instructed the following day. When I got out of the tub it looked like white grains of rice (follicles) sticking out of the graft areas. After 5-10 mins they had all gone back in. My surgeon stated that this is normal and everything looks fine from pics I emailed him. I have not noticed any blood or grafts fall out, however I am concerned I may have damaged the follicles?? I am soaking for shorter periods now. I still notice raised white bumps, however they are not as pronounced.

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