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  1. mr powers
    January 15, 2011 @ 2:47 pm

    the non surgical option for this patient is lazer and only lazer and nothing but lazer, i should know… its me… never will i go for another hair transplant never will i ever even consider it, and this page shouldnt even exist. if you going to promote anything or anyone it should be the fraxel lazer and what it can do for a person, not promote more scars… also dr timothy said the following ‘The laser would slowly shrink the follicle, over several treatments, to the point where it would no longer grow hair. FUE is a method wherein the hair follicle(s) is(are) extracted as a single unit- whether that be a group of one, two, or three follicles (which grow as a unit- see follicular unit definition in other posts). This results in a small defect which usually heals without much scarring.

    note – more defects and not much scarring means… scarring, im trying to get rid of scars not get more.

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