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  1. john
    December 20, 2015 @ 11:14 pm

    Sad to hear re his lawsuits, I had a transplant back in 2011. I had 3500 fue, poor result,(I doubt I recieved that many implants) sadly everyone can tell I had work, even stangers look at me, (horrible because im so imbarrassed), also Alvi said id have no hair shock from the surgery, Id be fine to go to work in a week, my final results would be extremely natural.
    Not true at all, I took 4.5 weeks off work(just in case) and look horrible when I got back, and after a year and half i realized that was my final result, very very bad results. The actual procedure was terrible, it was “so painful” (freezing was not kicking in) as well, he did nothing for the procedure except draw a hairline, which was way too low, i had to get electrolosis done to correct it slightly, make it look more natural, I also got the electrolosis technician to work on my hair line(over 10 months) getting rid of many of the unatural hairs…probally loss 300+ hairs at least, it does look a bit better now, thanks to her help correcting unatural hair line(talk about working backwards – fixing his clinics mistakes by removing hairs, thats sad)
    I believe he tries to close the tempral angle and make hair lines low, in hopes clients will return as they age and lose the hair behind the tempal and low hair line, terrible practice, because for men like me I would never ever ever go through it again EVEN if it where for free.
    Over all not a good experience. Just research and go somewhere else (for example I just noticed a scar line of an employee at work because of a short buzz cut and realized he had a transplant – obviously somewhere else) BUT my point – what a great front hair line this guy has,(and so what for the scar if he didnt buzz his hair so short id never ever notice – I would have paid double to get those results) so obviously there are good Clinics out there, just research.
    One last thing, I notice also with his images (on his web site) he has repetition of pics of one patient, the blond hair guy(with a widows peak)….different hair lengths (pics taken obviously at different time periods) but that guy works for him as a Sales person, (I met with him)….his hair looks great, BUT-BIG BUT if you can find his “before”, he only had his temple dones, his whole mid hair line was untouched(and thick with no hair loss) so thats why it looks great mid area is natural its only tempals done.
    That guy will 100% need future work as his loses more hair as he ages, I find it funny how they repeat his photo in his Gallery pics. I wonder how else he manipulated his photo gallery to make patients look good, “gel?” and “damp/slightly wet” hair? proballly helped some of them, all of them have it styled. Who knows, anyways im a real patient, real case and real experience. I recommend do your research before you commit to any clinc. Good luck my friends.

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