1. Akshay kumar
    December 22, 2017 @ 1:29 am

    I wash or clear my all hair scabs in transplanted area on 26 day…. and when i go clinic the doctor said you should clear your scab within 12 or 15 day…so please tell me sir is it positive view to my hair or not…coz i clear my all hair scab after 25th day not in between 12 or 15 day… have i very much late to clear all scab….

  2. Ray Lewis
    December 23, 2014 @ 11:15 am

    Hi, my age is 55. I have always had very fine hair and over the last 3 yrs have notice an increase in loss.
    Specifically in the last three monthss.
    I noticed I had scab like crusts and a few pimples since noticing this my hair loss has increased.
    I asked my G.P. about this condition and he recommended selsun gold once a wk. I was intending to use a product called Nizarol(sic) but took the docs recommendation and the crusts and pimples appear to have almost gone. I have considered hair transplant previously but thought the cost prohibitive for uncertain results.
    I would like to know how much is is transplanted in a single sitting and am not at all interested in those UGLY old plugs. Natuarlly you would need to examime my scalp before a diagnosis. I live in Darwin N.T. and am currntly in victoria for a few wks. I am willing to travel if it is not a total waste of time. My father was bald at 33, I have been fortunate to have lasted this long and my hair is not completley bald on top, I still have a reasonable amount but if having a procedure would need to address it now. Any info or help would be appreciated. Regards Ray Lewis

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