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  1. Lee Horowitz
    June 12, 2018 @ 12:23 am

    Sure – Contact your VA physician that lies that finasteride is a 100% safe drug and in writing in my medical record have denied me any hormone treatment or to see an outside post finasteride syndrome doctor depute two evaluations from top PFS doctors and researchers and two blood tests showing my hormones are messed up , the VA has done nothing . 20% of all vets are given this poison with no screenings and no warnings by urologists at the VA for BPH-enlarged prostate . In my medical records from the urologist at Lebanon Pa VAMC and his chief of staff are denials of my primary VA doctor for a urologist to treat me with horns and see me for PFS . These Va doctors have stated there are no permanent adverse symptomology from finasterdie as once you cease the drug all symptomology goes away. Further there is no one that specializes in or evaluates Post fomastedei syndrome while these doctors have taken one research report undocumented last page totally out of context to say such . They have also stated that PFS doesn’t exist, PFS doctors and researchers are bogus doctors and that the research is bogus and lie on the FFDA warnings claiming there are no permanent adverse symptomology form the drug or no PFS Adminsitrators and patient advocates have down nothing including people at VISN4 and VHA about the matter . Veterasn it is believed have committed suicide and have sucidal ideation as myself and sever depression and course of treatment if any is anti depressants not recommended by PFS outside specialists . Please help us vets There is via coverup and discrimination out of 20% of the VA population given finasterdie by VA urologists not one adverse symptomology case reported to VA Pharmacy nor FDA nor did the VA have warning labels on finasterdie between 2009 to 2014 bearding FDA safety warnings in 2012 and 2014 . VA formulary for finasteride is from before 2004 . Please help us veterans We need lawyers and =the press to expose what the VA is doing to us PFS veterans and denying us medical help via discrimination and medical negligence and medical malpractice. Symptomology without any hormone testing is being done by VA urologists blaming it on enlarged prostate or a veterans former mental health condition .

    Please please help us veterans and get us lawyers to protect us and we need the press to investigate the medical negligence and discrimination of the VA regarding PFS and need medical help as well outside the VA by specialists in PFS


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