1. Bill - Managing Publisher
    October 24, 2011 @ 1:56 pm


    While I wrote the recap on ACell, the information I presented was found from several sources, including Dr. Rassman’s Balding Blog. I was not there for the presentations so I only reported what I heard was discussed from these sources.

    I’ve also interviewed Dr. Jerry Cooley in order to get his input on the topic, since he’s been experimenting with hair duplication (autocloning / hair plucking with ACell) at his clinic for over a year.

    Thanks for providing your input into this article. If you have additional information, feel free to present it. I also ask that you identify yourself and your explain your involvement with hair restoration, ACell, hair restoration physicians, etc. Also, did you attend the meeting?

    Best wishes,

    Bill – Managing Publisher

  2. Lou Amico
    October 20, 2011 @ 3:58 pm

    I do not know who wrote the ACell recap but the author has confused several critical issues.

    1. Regarding hair plucking (Autocloning – Dr. Hitzig never positioned this limited procedure as anything but asan alternative when donor was depleted to fill in prior hair transplants. Dr. Hitzig’s initial publication on Autocloning was years prior to ACell coming on the scene and although he and Dr. Cooley have investigated the possibility of ACEll enhancing autocloning they are not related. Also what Dr. Rassman does not report is that Dr. Hitzig asked Dr. Rassman why he did not contact him or Dr. Cooleywhen he had poor results and Dr. Rassman replied that he didn’t need their help.

    2. ACell research has been primary been focused on three areas of hair restoration.

    A. To enhance hair transplant growth through adjoining hair multiplication.
    B. Acell + PRP injections to encourage new hair growth in thinning areas. And…
    C. New Hydr-ACell for improving donor healing in FUR and Strip FUT procedures to minimize scaring and stimulating new hair follicle growth.

    Dr. Hitizig presented his research and results at the ISHRS meeting and continues to work with researches around the world to improve on the formulation and application of ACell.

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