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  1. Michal Vilimovsky
    August 2, 2015 @ 2:10 am

    In my opinion Turkey is cheaper for several reasons, which have nothing to do with quality of service provided:

    1) Cost of living
    While you need about 4 thousand USD per month in USA to have a “decent” lifestyle in Turkey 1 thousand USD is a very big salary allowing you to eat in restaurants every day and lead a good lifestyle.

    2) Price level of “healthcare” services
    In USA doctors usually charge big money for their services. The healthcare system is “money” focused and everybody is aware of the fact that medical procedures cost a lot of money (even in hospitals you may pay several thousands of dollars for a simple appendix removal surgery). In Turkey and many former East European countries healthcare system is mainly funded by the state and doctors do not earn that much as in USA. This is why they may offer their services at a lower price. It has nothing to do with quality (they all had to pass the same exams and learn same things as doctors in USA but for instance they did not have to pay for their studies – it is free so they do not need to repay a debt and may offer their services at a cheaper price).

    So if I were you I would try to find some good surgeons in Turkey or any other European country, check references on sites like this one or by calling directly to the medical center and then make a decision.

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