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    January 17, 2017 @ 9:32 pm

    I am truing to find a personal injury attorney to file a suit against Dr. Vladimir Panine for the unsuccessful hair transplant surgery (2 sessions) involving both scaring and negligence of the surgeon. Accepting a patient for large FUE procedure in the clinic thatâ??s specialized for another type of hair transplant procedure (FUT) is a huge negligence. I have spent 14 hours on the operating table during the first procedure and thatâ??s unacceptable!
    The second and most important claim is that during the second procedure FUE harvesting was performed by two of his young assistants (without a license to practice medicine) while Dr. Panine was in his office during the whole graft harvesting procedure. That is capital negligence since that’s the crucial step in the FUE procedure. The outcome as You can imagine is really bad and it left me with both physical and emotional scars.

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