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  1. Sammy W.
    July 22, 2016 @ 6:50 pm

    I’m wondering if you can answer some of my questions regarding my situation below:

    I had an FUT procedure about 1 month ago. I still have redness and most of the grafted hair at the hairline has not fallen out yet. So the line itself is very prominent and the grafted hair is sitting in front of my longer regular hair. It looks like stubble in front of the regular hair.

    I have tried many experiments to make it look more natural. Combinations of Keratin hair fibers and makeup concealers but nothing seems to really do the trick. Fibers look okay at first but after about 20 minutes they tend to settle directly on my head into the “stubble” looking hairline area and it looks like dirt just laying on my head. Part of me thinks maybe I’m not being aggressive enough blending it in because I don’t want to disrupt the grafted hairs.

    I am using very little makeup concealer. I really only use it at the hairline skin to break up the “too perfect” looking line created by the redness on my skin. I do place a little bit of it onto parts of the skin that are in the stubble area too. One of my questions for people doing this is, are you applying makeup concealer onto your skin or onto the actual grafted hairs? Or both? I’ve been afraid to put it on the grafted hairs but I think the lighter makeup on the stubble might make it look less obvious. Another issue is that my grafted stubble hair is actually considerably darker than my regular hair. It’s kind of a medium brown in front of light blonde look. I am also looking for any other safe tips on how I can help the redness heal quicker. Massaging the graft area more to increase blood flow? Thank you.

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