1. Bill - Managing Publisher
    December 5, 2007 @ 11:16 am

    Friends of Bosley,

    Thank you for your input.

    The problem with your post is that hair transplantation is not a one size fits all procedure. Sometimes 2000 grafts is sufficient for a hair transplant patient while other times up to 6000+ grafts may be needed to create an adequate illusion of hair density.

    At the Hair Transplant Network, we are not closed to the possibility the some hair restoration physicians at Bosley are performing state of the art hair transplantation. But as a whole, sadly, there are more hair transplant negative experiences posted on our hair restoration community than positive ones.

    But online hair restoration communities such as ours empowers the hair transplant patient so they can do proper research and make educated decisions. It is always best to select a physician based on a proven track record of consistent results. To recommend “Bosley” isn’t enough because there are a number of clinics and physicians within the Bosley organization.

    Best wishes,

    Associate Publisher

  2. Bosley friendly
    December 4, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

    Who is the best hair transplant doctor?

    A few things you must know first:
    It takes a good six to twelve months for the hair to fully grow out. It will look better after twelve months.
    Most patients will repeat the procedure to add density.
    Working in the front, top and back of the head will typically require over 2000 grafts per procedure. (That’s grafts…not hairs. Each graft averages 2.5 hairs each). Ask any doctor that you see how many hairs (on average) is in each graft that he/she will transplant.
    Remember most patients will do the procedure twice.
    A bald or severely balding person who has finished a large procedure of 2000+ graft will have a natural thinning look once it grows out. It won’t look unnatural, just thinning. A second procedure will double the density.
    Get your expectations in line.

    Bosley Medical is one of the best in my opinion but you should see for yourself by visiting Bosley, meet with a counselor, see a Bosley doctor and meet Bosley patients. Look for their scar from where the hair was taken. Get the facts.

    There is a negative website about Bosley from a disgruntled patient (“bosley medical
    See http://www.bosleymedical-vs-michaelstevenkremer.com for a rebuttal. The website is non-profit.

    Make your own decision.

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