Can I Reduce My Dose of Hair Loss Drug Propecia (Finasteride)?

This hair restoration question was answered by hair loss forum member “ArochaHair”, online representative for Coalition physician Dr. Bernardino Arocha: I’ve been on the hair loss drug Propecia (finasteride) for the last three or four years and I’m thinking about dropping it to every other day. I’d just like to find out if anyone has had any bad experience or success with three times a week or even twice a week. Propecia every other day or 1/4 of Proscar every other day is fine either way. It makes little difference because what matters more is consistency. The medication itself has a short half-life but once you reach a point of relative saturation then maintaining is important. Some patients even take it twice a week, on a very strict schedule, with benefits but there is evidence to suggest that the efficacy is related to the dosage so if you are experiencing maintenance of your hair or you even had an improvement for your hair, don’t experiment too much with a much lower intake frequency. […]