What Patients are Saying about the HairMax Lasercomb and Laser Therapy (LLLT)

While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the HairMax Lasercomb  as a  hair loss treatment, controversy as to whether or not laser therapy is effective as a hair loss treatment still exists.  The makers of the handheld one diode  Hairmax Lasercomb, Lexington International LLC, claim that their product  increases the number of thick hairs on the scalp based on their 26-week clinical trials.  Yet, despite trials submitted to the FDA for both safety and efficacy, many patients and hair loss doctors alike are skeptics. As the device’s name suggests, the HairMax Lasercomb combines a low-level laser with a comb. When drawn through the hair, the laser strikes the scalp to promote hair growth, according to the company.   The  laser comb is  sold on the Web for $545. It is the only drug-free  hair loss treatment  meant for home use in combatting hair loss that’s garnered  FDA clearance.  Since then, several other laser devices have come on the market, such as the laser cap.  The laser cap contains multiple […]