Can Hair Dye Coloring Treatment Cause Hair Loss?

I have stuggled with hair loss since dying my hair when I was 18. It grew back, but became very sensitive to any type of treatment. I chanced dying it again when i was 47 – big mistake. I tried Rogaine, but had a very bad reaction. I tried Nioxin shampoo and it seemed to have stopped hair shedding, but I didn’t experience any hair regrowth. I am not having the same luck like last time and I’m still losing hair. Did something go wrong that cannot be corrected? Can hair treatments like coloring damage the hair follicle? Also, what happens when a follicle dies? I read that the follicle remains but that it just doesn’t produce any new hair. Though most hair coloring treatments are considered “safe” for your hair, none of them are considered good for your hair. Some hair dyes are so chemically enhanced that they can significantly damage your hair and its roots. Typically, ceasing hair treatment will stimulate hair regrowth like it did for you […]