Ontario Hair Transplant Clinic Visit

Ontario is home to some big names in hair restoration. While some of these physicians are well known online and off line, I decided to focus my visits on those clinics that I felt were both ethical and performing truly state of the art hair transplantation. Those clinics and physicians that I believe currently merit inclusion as “Leading Hair Transplant Clinics in Ontario ” are – Dr. H. Rahal of Rahal Hair Transplant in Ottawa Dr. Cam Simmons of the Canadian Hair Transplant Centre in Toronto Dr. Mark McKenzie of the Seager Hair Transplant Centre in Toronto Those clinics that I visited that I believe did not merit inclusion as leading Ontario clinics are not included in this report. I would have liked to observe the surgeries of Dr. Marla Rosenberg in Toronto and Dr. Christopher Cole in Emeryville for potential inclusion. However, due to scheduling conflicts I was not able to observe their surgeries during my time in Ontario. Toronto and its large place in Hair Transplant History Toronto […]