What is the Success Rate of a Hair Transplant and Do I Get a Refund if it Fails?

I just want to know the percentage of success in hair transplants.  For example, is a good surgeon about 80% and 20 % depends on the patient’s care?   Do the hair transplant clinics refund money for any hair did not grow? Answer: A quality hair transplant surgeon with a lot of experience, has a much higher success rate in overall growth yield and producing a thick, natural looking head of hair that meets a patient’s goals.  However, patients need to know and understand that there are always risks of unknown variables that could interfere with the success of the surgery. No surgeon will bat a 1000 – in other words, every surgeon has cases of less than optimal results, but hair restoration physicians recommended on the Hair Transplant Network are held to a high standard and will stand by their patients. This does not necessarily mean you will get a refund in the event of a problem. But in many cases, surgeons will replace the grafts that did not grow for free and work to rectify […]