Is Hair Transplant Surgery Recommended for Diffuse Female Hair Loss?

This hair restoration question was answered by hair loss forum member “ArochaHair”, online representative for Coalition physician Dr. Bernardino Arocha: I am a 62 yr. old white female with hair loss mainly on top of my scalp, mostly towards front area. I have been losing hair since my 40’s. I currently use hair powder like Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Powder or wigs. It is really hot in Texas and wearing a wig every day is very uncomfortable. I’m wondering about how many hair grafts I would need to fix my thin areas. Also, would I be a better candidate for a strip hair transplant or follicular unit extraction (FUE)? As a female, and with the diffused hair loss shown in your photo, you have a fairly strong chance of also having diffused loss in the traditional donor zone so this area has to be carefully examined as well. With cases like yours, and assuming diffused donor loss, there is usually a small area at the back of your donor that has the […]