Dr. Blake Bloxham Approved for Recommendation on the Hair Transplant Network

Only top hair surgeons who perform state of the art hair transplant surgery with excellent results are approved for recommendation by this community.  We are pleased to announce that Dr. Blake Bloxham has been approved for recommendation on the Hair Transplant Network. To learn how we prescreen and recommend hair transplant surgeons, click here. Dr. Bloxham, his technique and results were carefully reviewed by our hair restoration forum and social community in consideration for recommendation. The community was very impressed by his procedure and results. To see what our members are saying and to view examples of his results, visit the “Potential Recommendation of Dr. Blake Bloxham of New York“. Given the accolades we received from patients, physicians and forum members and his dedication to advanced follicular unit hair transplant surgery, we have decided to approve Dr. Blake Bloxham for recommendation on the Hair Transplant Network. To view Dr. Bloxham’s recommendation profile, click here. Thanks to everyone who provided their valuable input both privately and publicly regarding Dr. Bloxham’s potential […]