Does a Solid Frontal Tuft Mean Fewer Grafts Required for Hair Transplant Surgery?

This hair restoration question was answered by hair loss forum member “ArochaHair”, online representative for Coalition physician Dr. Bernardino Arocha: Has anybody got any strategies to make the most of the “tuft” at the front of the head? I have very little hair immediately behind it but my hair is so thick on the sides and mid-scalp that it masks this. This is good as the tuft looks bad on bald men but I also think for men contemplating hair transplant surgery, it can be good as a focal point to form a hairline natural to you. It also means fewer grafts. It may not actually mean fewer grafts because if your tuft is surrounded by hair of native original density then more grafts are necessary to blend in. If this isn’t done then the contrast in density will make the result on either side of the tuft seem thinner. In general it is just a matter of planting around the tuft, and slightly into it for blending. If there is any hair […]