The new evolution from “Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation” to “Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation”

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Dear Hair Restoration Physician, It’s exciting to participate in major advances that produce amazing results for people. I remember the excitement of advocating all “follicular unit hair transplantation” on the web back over seven years ago when “mini micro grafting” was the standard. Many hair transplant surgeons were reluctant to change their ways and adapt to this challenging and demanding new “follicular unit” procedure. Many hair transplant physicians expressed doubts about this procedure’s ability to create the appearance of fullness and the growth rate of grafts transplanted in “mega sessions” of 1,000 plus grafts. But the physicians who championed large sessions of follicular units demonstrated that patients could achieve excellent growth rates and fullness when the procedure was done optimally. In time many hair transplant physicians followed their lead and rose to the challenge of successfully performing this follicular unit procedure. Most of the physicians who rose to the challenge are the hair restoration physicians we present on our web communities. Patients also fueled this evolution by educating each other […]