I’ve been on Rogaine since January of 2004.   Within 4 months the frontal pattern baldness stopped and I couldn’t see my scalp anymore.   But last summer I noticed scalp appearing on the temple regions so I went on Proscar in 2007.   I’m still using the Rogaine 5% but no hair is coming back.   Will a Proscar (or Propecia) and Rogaine combination help regrow hair in the temple region?

Propecia (finasteride)  and Rogaine (minoxidil)  are FDA approved and proven for a balding crown but many hair loss sufferers also swear by their efficacy in the hairline and temple areas.   Everyone responds differently to these medications. Though they might restore a good amount of hair in some, others may experience lesser hair growth, or maybe none at all. Typically, these hair loss treatment solutions, especially when combined are pretty good at stopping the progression of male pattern baldness, but only a select few have significant hair regrowth.

The unknown factor here is – where would your hair loss  be without them? Though Propecia  and Rogaine may not be regrowing all your lost hair, your allopecia could be much worse without these medications. Of course, there is also a possibility that your hair would be in the same condition if you weren’t using them, hence, the unknown factor.

In my opinion, unless you are experiencing side effects, you may want to consider continued use as they will give you the best chance of preventing future balding.

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