I have been considering taking Scalp Med as a hair loss treatment.   Does anyone have any experience with this product?  

Scalp Med  infomercials among many others are one of the many hair loss products on the forefront of the market.   Everyone who owns a television has at least, at one point or another, seen or heard the name Scalp Med as a  hair loss treatment.   Pictures, videos, testimonies all show hair loss sufferers regrowing a full head of hair even if these people were practically bald.   Is this really what one can expect from such a product?   Is Scalp Med indeed a miracle cure for hair loss?

One has to keep in mind that advertising at its best typically overreaches in order to sell a product.   We can’t always believe everything we see on television or hear on the radio.

“Success” stories from their infomercial aside, there are a few things everyone should understand about Scalp Med.

Scalp Med is said to be FDA approved.   This is because it contains minoxidil (found in Rogaine) – one of the two FDA approved medications for hair loss both for safety and efficacy.   The inactive ingredients (unnamed on their website from what I have observed) is said only to provide you with healthier hair.

Here is a quote directly from Scalp Med’s website:

 “Scalp Med consists of several products. Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A which contain FDA-approved formulas for hair growth. The ACTIVE ingredient in both of these products is minoxidil. The other products in the Scalp Med system will provide you with thicker, cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful hair.”

Please notice that “the other products in Scalp Med” do not say anything about regrowing hair.     In fact all that is said about the other products of Scalp Med can also be said about a volumizing shampoo: “…thicker, cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful hair”.        

There are proven success stories about minoxodil out there though the results shown in the commercial are not typical.   Even Scalp Med admits in small fine print in their infomercial: “Results seen are NOT typical”.  

Scalp Med is much more expensive than minoxodil.   A two month supply of Scalp Med is $159.80.   Of course if you buy in BULK for a 6 month supply, you only pay $385.77. In other words, their VERY BEST DEAL offers you Minoxodil and a few products that offer what a shampoo typically does at $64.30 per month.   Rogaine containing minoxodil can be purchased at a price between $20-$25 per month whereas generic minoxodil is between $10-$15 per month.

Draw your own conclusions.

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