How Long After a Hair Transplant Can I Start Using Rogaine (minoxidil)? Is it Necessary?

Tue 15 Jan 2008

How long after a hair transplant can I start using Rogaine?   Is it necessary?

It is not required  to use Rogaine  (minoxodil)  after hair restoration surgery in order for the transplanted hair to grow.   Some hair transplant clinics however, believe that using Rogaine might help jump start early hair growth of the transplanted hair sooner than without.   Because transplanted hair is permanent, using Rogaine is not  only not necessary but starting  and then stopping its use will not harm the hair grafts in any way.   In other words, the transplanted hair will grow regardless of whether or not Rogaine is used.

Keep in mind however, that if Rogaine is used and  new natural hair regrowth occurs, that stopping this hair loss medication will result in a loss of this natural hair that has been regrown.

In my opinion, unless you are attempting to regrow natural hair, there is no need to use Rogaine after  hair transplantion surgery.

If you decide to use Rogaine after a hair transplant however, there are varying views as to when Rogaine can be started.   It is best to conslut with your hair restoration physician as to their view on this however, I will share my personal view.   Personally, if you are going to use the Rogaine liquid, I’d wait at least one month because when used on a regular scalp, it already can be  a scalp irritant.   Using Rogaine liquid on an inflammed scalp such as right after hair transplant surgery, it could potentially delay proper healing and further irritate the scalp.    Rogaine Foam however, may be more delicate on the scalp and most likely can be used much sooner.   Some hair transplant doctors believe that starting Rogaine (either liquid or foam) a few days after hair restoration surgery is perfectly fine.

I hope this helps.

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