Propecia and Rogaine Can Really Regrow Hair (With Pictures)

Mon 17 Dec 2007

This insightful information was provided by well respected hair restoration forum  member “Janna” who is also the lead hair transplant technician for Dr. Ron Shapiro  and Dr. Paul Shapiro of Shapiro Medical Group who are elite members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxodil)  have been around for many years. Hair loss patients have tried them either separately or together. Do these hair loss drugs work or don’t they?   Balding men suffering from male pattern baldness struggle to decide if it’s worth the time and cost. I have found however, that more often than not, those hair loss sufferers who choose to stop taking them, go back after a few months.

I’ve been wanting to share this hair loss medication patient’s results for about a month and I’m finally getting a chance to do so.   This patient came to us wanting a hair transplant, and Matt encouraged him to get on these two FDA approved hair loss drugs first to see if it had any benefit for him.     So with that, this patient decided that he was willing to try Propecia and Rogaine for a year to see if it had any effect on him.    

What he saw, he did not expect!   Without undergoing hair replacement surgery, this hair loss sufferers had startling results of using both these hair loss products together!  I also got the chance to see a dozen or so patients of Dr. Collin’s in Ireland who had similar results.     Though these cases may not be typical, clearly many hair loss sufferers are able to regrow hair (sometimes a significant amount) by using these two hair loss drugs.

Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture.  


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