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Tue 14 Nov 2006

Rogaine FoamPfizer recently released Rogaine Foam, a hair loss treatment that features the active ingredient minoxidil. Rogaine Foam has a 5% minoxidil concentration like traditional Rogaine Extra Strength, so it is currently only available for use by men. A women’s formula is expected to hit shelves in the near future. Rogaine Foam comes in an aerosol spray can and has the consistency of traditional aerosol shaving creams such as Barbasol.

Minoxidil has been proven time and again to be an effective hair growth stimulator that can both maintain and increase scalp hair counts.

But if the existing lotion formula is effective, then why did Pfizer release a foam version of Rogaine? Well any existing Rogaine user can answer that question pretty easily.

The directions suggest that the traditional Rogaine lotion be applied twice a day for optimal results. These application times should be at least four hours apart. Common sense tells the hair loss sufferer that the best times to apply their Rogaine would be right after their morning shower and a little while before bed at night. However common sense probably never had to deal with that infamously greasy “Rogaine head.”

The traditional Rogaine lotion utilizes propylene glycol in the ingredients as the vehicle for delivering the active medication into the scalp. The problem, of course, is that propylene glycol leaves the hair and scalp with an awful greased-up texture and feel to it for what seems like hours after the application. The result is unflattering, to say the least. It leaves the hair looking matted down and even thinner than it really is – a hefty step in the wrong direction for a hair loss treatment. Even after it dries, the hair appears lifeless and limp. Obviously, this presents a problem for users that wish to apply their Rogaine in the morning just before they have to go to work. Another issue with propylene glycol is that it can irritate users’ scalps resulting in itching, flaking, and even peeling in some cases. Because of these effects, the use of traditional minoxidil solution wasn’t even a possibility for many hair loss sufferers.

Rogaine Foam delivers the minoxidil into the scalp in a manner that is just as effective as the traditional lotion, but without the mess or unpleasantness. The foam is designed to retain its “foamy” texture at room temperature but quickly liquefies, spurring quick skin absorption at body temperature. It is for this reason that Rogaine suggests users rinse the hand used for application under cold water before applying the foam.

My Review

I’ve used traditional Rogaine lotion for a few years now with good results. I feel that I have maintained and regrown lost hair in my crown and vertex some creative timing. The messy nature of the lotion did account for me blowing off some of my applications and sometimes I would simply make the two applications at no more than 5 hours apart, which is not ideal. So I was excited about the foam hitting the market. I’ve used it for just over a month now.

My impression is that the Rogaine Foam lives up to its hype. The application area of the scalp and the surrounding hair dries quickly and there is no residue left behind. My hair does feel a little stiffer after application, but I, for one, don’t mind this as it seems to actually have a bit of a thickening effect as well. But that may just be my own imagination.

The simple fact that I can apply my minoxidil in the morning without my hair looking as if I bathed in Crisco is reason enough for me to switch to the foam. The added benefit that my scalp doesn’t itch nearly as bad as with the solution is just one more huge benefit.

So I give the Rogaine Foam a “two thumbs up.” Though it doesn’t leave my hair exactly as natural-feeling as it would be had I used nothing, the texture that it gives my hair is not awfully unpleasant and isn’t a hindrance like its predecessor.

Learn more about minoxidil, its benefits, and how it treats hair loss.

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Robert – Associate Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network, the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, and the Hair Loss Q & A Blog

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  1. David aka - TakingthePlunge says:


    There is really no way to know just how much hair will regrow after stopping and then restarting Rogaine (minoxidil). However, the general consensus is that once a medical hair loss treatment is stopped and hair loss is allowed to progress at its natural pace again, restarting the drug will rarely return the hair to its former state.

    More than likely, a portion of the hair that you’ve lost will not return. But, it’s still a good idea to get back on Rogaine and to keep using it until a better solution becomes available.

    You may also find that adding Propecia (finasteride) to your regimen will help greatly.

    Good luck!

  2. Muhammad Naeem says:

    Is Rogaine foam availabe in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)? If yes, who is distributor or which pharmacy ??

  3. David aka - TakingthePlunge says:


    Unfortunately, I do not have information regarding the availability of Rogaine products around the world. The best way to learn in Rogaine is available near you is to visit your local pharmacy or call your doctor’s office.

    Depending upon your country’s postal regulations, you may also be able to order Rogaine and other hair growth products from our online hair loss treatments shop.

    Good luck!

  4. Remosnar says:

    It seems to me that there are these issues with 1) using Minoxidil, and 2) getting a hair transplant.

    1 Minoxidil:
    * Minoxidil makes the skin age faster in some. Loss of collagen may be the cause.
    * Minoxidil may cause dark rings under the eyes. This may be systemic, or because of rubbing hair (dry, but still has residue of minoxidil on it) and face against the same pillow during the night.
    * If you are in a couple, the partner can no longer move to your side during the night and share your pillow.. without risking to grow facial hair.
    * According to the literatur, Minoxidil is hit and miss with many not positively affected by it.

    2 Hair transplant:
    * People who consider a hair transplant should not only consider the scar from strip or FUE… nor the cost… These are often the main concerns people have about getting a hair transplant.
    However, the real and far more serious issue is whether they are willing to run the risk of using Propecia for life! Propecia has been shown to induce anxiety and depression in the majority of mice it was applied to. In humans we are now started to see these affects and these side effects have recently been added to the insert. Impotence is another. And a 2012 article demonstrates that it may be permanent impotence even after Propecia is stopped.
    This is the real issue with getting a hair transplant. Because if a client is not willing to run the risk of Propecia.. then the hair transplant will look very strange once more hair falls off and the hairs from the transplant are standing alone like islands.
    I myself would get a hair transplant in a second if a safe alternative to Propecia that could almost guarantee that the remaining hair would be kept. Or if stem cell techniques means that I could have ‘safe’ hairs transplanted to the entire forehead and scalp.

    But as long as I have to rely on Propecia for a hair plant to be a real option… I don’t want to run the huge
    risk and play with hormone therapy like Propecia.

    But the day some safe solution is found.. I don’t see why the millions of bald men around the world wouldn’t get a hair transplant. There is a reason why clever guys like Bruce Willis wont run the risk, while less clever people like Wayne Rooney just jumps into it. Bruce will probably get onboard once it can be done safely…

  5. Paul says:

    can i apply rogaine 5 hrs after i out my first application everyday? i work graveyard and i wake up in the afternoon and go right back to sleep when i get off?

  6. David aka - TakingthePlunge says:


    Rogaine’s manufacturer recommends applying it twice daily in fairly evenly spaced intervals during the morning and evening. I am not a physician and cannot advise if there would be any potential harm in applying it with only a 5 hour interval but my guess is that there would be no harm in doing so.

    In terms of its effect on hair growth, I do not think it would matter since many men report positive effects with only one daily application.

    In short, it’s always bets to discuss any alteration in the drug dosing with your physician, even if it’s an over-the-counter medication like minoxidil.


  7. Alice says:

    Hi Sir, I read on the inactive ingredients in Rogaine Foam such as butane, propane etc. Are these ingredients save for applying on scalp ? Will they trigger hair loss even though minoxidil is mixed in it ?

  8. David aka - TakingthePlunge says:


    It is perfectly safe to apply Rogaine Foam to the scalp twice daily as directed.

    Rogaine Foam will not cause hair loss. However, as with any drug, there are potential side effects.

    Before undergoing any medical treatment, it is best to consult with your physician.


  9. HANY MOHD says:

    I’m in the Twenty-sixth of the life and music of hereditary baldness primary, but I am currently resident in the UAE and I want to buy a medicine, it is where I can buy medicine … please help

    please anyone help me to how i get this REGAINE 5% because i’m in UAE

  10. David aka - TakingthePlunge says:


    I do not have any information regarding where to purchase Rogaine (minoxidil) in the UAE. The best place to start looking is your local pharmacy or you may want to contact your physician.

    Another option may be to order it online. It is available from our Online Hair Loss Treatments Shop. However, you will need to check your postal office regarding import restrictions.
    Best of luck!


  11. Alice says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been using Rogaine Foam for over 2 years now. I wonder if its ok for me to switch from Foam to Liquid solution 5% which I read liquid solution contains only water, propylene glycol and minoxidil? Is is safe for ladies ? Please advise.

  12. Bill - Managing Publisher says:


    In my opinion and experience, Rogaine foam is considered more effective than it’s liquid counterpart due to its foam delivery system. In its own distinct study, Rogaine foam reports an impressive 85% hair regrowth success rate (if used as directed) which is approximately 20% higher than liquid minoxidil at only 64%.

    That said, if you have concerns about Rogaine foam and want to switch to its liquid counterpart, it would certainly be better than stopping it altogether if it’s helping you to maintain any existing hair.

    Keep in mind that the 5% solutions (foam or liquid) is only FDA approved for men while the 2% solution is approved for women. This is because women who use higher concentrations of minoxidil may experience unwanted facial or body hair growth. That said, many women use 5% minoxidil solutions with even higher success rates without experiencing any unwanted side effects.

    I hope this helps.

    Bill – Managing Publisher of this Community

  13. Joanne says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please advise how long after will it takes for my hair (if any) which were stimulated by minoxidil, to fall out after stop with 2 years use of Rogaine foam ? Will those hair which were not stimulated by minoxidil fall out too ?

    Thanks, Joanne

  14. Joanne,

    If you stop minoxidil, your progressive hair loss will resume and any hairs revived or regrown by the drug will shed. What’s more, because minoxidil is a preventive medication, other “hairs which were not stimulated by minoxidil” (as you put it) would be susceptible to hair loss as well. Essentially, if you stop using minoxidil, you will lose the hairs you’ve regenerated and expose yourself to future hair loss.

    I hope this helps!

    Blake (Future_HT_Doc)
    Editorial Assistant

  15. Dawn Mcclatchy says:

    I’m a 59 year old female & use Rogaine. But is makes my hair look dull & is impossible to style. My hair is thinning on top but atleast it had body & shine when styled. Is there a solution?

  16. Hi Dawn,

    It is difficult to provide an answer without assessing your scalp in person. Using the minoxidil (Rogaine) is likely a great start. However, if your hair continues to look dull and thin, you should seek the expert opinion of a physician. Particularly, a physician who specializes in female hair loss. An endocrinologist or dermatologist may be a good place to start. You may also be interested in consulting with some of our recommended hair loss experts:

    Good luck!

    Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

  17. oladapo Emmanuel says:

    Where can I buy Rogaine in Nigeria

  18. Tara says:

    I’ve just started using foligain 5% for men.. Liquid form.. But I have noticed it’s started to make my hair look wet and greasy after the application! Does this happen to anyone else and if so what else can I do to stop this? I’m applying the solution only to my scalp but it seems to be making the roots of my hair look wet and go greasy?


    So embarrassing!!! This makes me not even want to keep using the product.. I don’t know what to do… Really discouraging me to use it!!

  19. David aka - TakingthePlunge says:


    Liquid minoxidil is known to leave hair looking greasy. If this is a concern, the best option is to switch to Rogaine Foam or a generic minoxidil foam. Foam based minoxidil products absorb and dry very quickly without leaving a greasy residue on the hair.

    Another option is to apply minoxidil in the evening only.


  20. JimmyJ says:

    Rogaine has caused premature aging, bags under the eyes, and a slight disfiguration of my face. I stopped treatment a long time ago, and the effects remain. I am only claiming this happened to ME, I’m not saying it will happen to you. From my perspective it ONLY works well enough to keep consumers spending money on it, no more. In that sense it is the perfect drug, financially speaking. But BEWARE if you happen to be one of the people who absorb Rogaine very easily and use it in the front of your scalp: it has a great tendency to deform your face–do a search on Pseudoacromegaly. This review is based on my personal experience and carefully documented (with photos) fact.

  21. jessica hernandez says:

    Can you still straighten your hair while using rogaine?

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