How Many Years is Propecia (Finasteride) Effective?

Wed 21 May 2008

How long does Propecia work for hair loss? I have seen that it works for 90% of males after 5 years. How long after does it work after that?   I  am sure your body will become immune to it and ignore eventually.

This question was posed  by a hair loss  sufferer on our hair  loss forum  and answered by  Dr. Michael Beehner  of Saratoga Springs, NY who is one of our recommended hair restoration physicians. His professional answer is below.

You are still much better off staying on Propecia  (finasteride). The great majority of men taking finasteride realize an increase in “hair mass” during the first 4-5 years; then there is a very gradual loss of hair, but not nearly at the steep curve and rate as if you weren’t taking this hair loss treatment.

At one conference I attended a couple of years ago, the speaker said that after 5 years, 30% of men look better than when they started, 50% look about the same and hold their own, and 20% look thinner. My gut feeling is that the last group would still look far worse had they not been taking Propecia. My own personal experience is that 80% of the men I give it to have a positive result and look better when seen back in 2-3 years. When pinned down on exactly how long a given man will have to take finasteride, my reply is “until the next wonderful thing comes along!.”

Mike Beehner, M.D.

Associate Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network and the Hair Loss Learning Center
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