Dr_Parsley_photoAlthough it’s often a source of controversy within the hair restoration community, Propecia (finasteride) is a tested, effective, and FDA approved treatment for hair loss. Recently, recommended hair transplant surgeon Dr. William Parsley demonstrated the true effectiveness of Propecia by sharing an impressive finasteride transformation on our Hair Restoration Discussion Forums.

According to Dr. Parsley:

The patient was skeptical of the value of medications and reluctant to use them. His hair loss was rapidly becoming a Norwood level VI, so we started a trial using 1/4 tab of Propecia (0.25 mg finasteride) daily. The results shown below at 1 and 2 years  demonstrate the efficacy of hair loss medications and remind us that sometimes hair restoration surgery can be delayed and/or complemented with these treatments.

Below are the “before and after” photographs of an impressive finasteride transformation. We applaud Dr. Parsley’s dedication to proven hair loss treatments, and encourage all interested patients to consider discussing these therapies with a trusted physician.

Parsley 1Parsley 2Parsley 3 fixedParsley 4Parsley 5Parsley 6

Note that Propecia is typically better at helping hair loss suffering men maintain existing hair rather than growing it.  Thus, the results above aren’t to be expected in all patients.

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