How Soon Can I Wear a Hat After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Mon 26 Nov 2007

I am a hair loss sufferer seeking hair transplantation as a option to restore my hair.   I have heard that a hair transplant is noticeable for awhile afterward.   How soon can I wear a hat after hair restoration surgery?

You are correct.   Immediately following hair transplant surgery, and for at least the following  2 weeks  (maybe much longer depending on a number of variables) – the fact that you had something performed on your scalp will be noticeable, though I doubt too many people would pinpoint hair transplant surgery.   See the following thread on our hair restoration forum  titled When will I look normal after a hair transplant?

Wearing a loose fitting hat is acceptable immediately following the hair transplant surgery – the same day but be extra careful not to touch the transplanted hair.   Some hair transplant surgeons will even provide a loose fitting hat for you to wear out of the office.   It is important however, to check with them first to know whether or not to bring your own.

It is also very important to follow the postoperative hair restoration instructions given to you by your hair transplant clinic.   See some general hair transplant postoperative tips.

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