This insightful information was posted on our hair restoration forum by Dr. Brad Limmer of San Antonio, TX who is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

Hair Transplant Pysician Dr Brad LimmerTemporal points are the final touches added to complete a hair transplant. You would be suprised at how a few follicular unit grafts (primarily 1 hair follicular units) can take a good/great hair transplant and put it over the top.

The only tricky part is locating it in proper relationship to the frontal hairline/temporal recession. For most this is not too difficult, but in someone with an advanced level six on the Norwood Scale, care needs to be taken so it does not look out of place. In cases like this I will often leave it to do on a second hair restoration session, something that most with advance baldness we need to have performed.

This is an area where often less can be better. Temporal points typically have a soft look about them. This is why I typically use singles to do most of the area. Making them extremely dense or using multi hair follicular units often draws unwanted attention.

Thanks for bring this subject to light.

Brad Limmer, M.D.

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