No Hair Growth 5 Months After Hair Transplant Surgery: Should I Be Concerned?

Sun 11 May 2008

I had a hair transplant (2800 follicular unit grafts) 5 months ago  mostly in the crown and some in the hairline.   So far, I see no hair growth of the transplanted hair.   Should I be worried?   I have heard that growth in the crown tends to be slower.

At just only 5 months after hair restoration surgery, I don’t feel that you have any reason to be concerned.   Remember that the transplanted hair only starts to grow between 3-5 months after surgery.   They will typically start to grow  as thin, fine, and colorless, not visible to the naked eye however, often times if you gently touch your scalp with your finger tips, you can feel some signs of new growth.   Over time, your  replaced hair will grow, thicken, and darken until it comes to full maturity.   This process can take up to 12 to 18 months.

If you don’t see any visible signs of hair growth in the next 3 months or you are still extremely concerned, be sure to contact your hair loss doctor to get their input.

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