Hello I was thinking about whether it was possible to have hair replaced in my hairline without seeing scarring. My hairline goes back a bit and makes me feel paranoid. How much would it cost? Thank you, Debbie.

Debbie, It is certainly possible to re-establish a lower hairline with hair transplantation or surgery. Especially for women it is critical to achieve a high density of hair in the hairline since it is not natural for women to have a thinning look in the hairline. Thus if you do hair transplant surgery you will probally need at least two surgical sessions to establish the density and thickness in your new and lower hairline to make it look natural.

hairline reductionAn alternative is doing a “forehead reduction” surgery, as shown in the photo in this post. This forehead reduction surgery was performed by Dr. Sheldon Kabaker in Oakland California. For a larger view, click here. You can read more about such a forehead reduction surgery by visiting our forum topic Optimal density in the hairline in only 2 hours.

Best wishes for achieving the hairline you want.

Pat – Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network, the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, and the Hair Loss Q & A Blog. To share ideas with other hair loss sufferers visit our Hair Restoration Discussion Forum.

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