No Hair Growth 3.5 Months After Hair Transplant: Is This Normal?

Mon 31 Mar 2008

I received 2880 follicular unit grafts from a well known and respected hair transplant surgeon 3.5 months ago and have experienced zero hair growth.   Approximately 2000 hair grafts were placed in the crown and the remaining in and around the hairline.

Many hair transplant patients share the same concern at only 3 or 4 months after hair transplant  surgery.   Remember that transplanted hair only typically starts to grow between 3-5 months after a hair transplant.

From experience I have found that the wait is one of the hardest parts of  the hair restoration process.   I’d spend a lot of time looking in mirrors looking for any signs of new hair growth multiple times a day and then often feel anxious or depressed when I didn’t see any improvement.

Remember that the transplanted hair will grow in gradually and will start to grow at varying times.   The hair will start to grow as fine, thin, colorless hairs and slowly mature over time.   This is why taking hair transplant photos monthly in order to chart your progress is helpful to visually see the transformation from month to month.

But rest easy.   As long as you were in the hands of an ethical world class hair transplant surgeon  with a proven track record of producing quality hair transplant results, you will turn out just fine.

Bill Seemiller
Associate Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network and the Hair Loss Learning Center
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