This insightful article was written by forum discussion  member “Spex” who is also a  showcase for Dr. Feller  of Great Neck, NY.  


Pimples after a  hair transplant  may occur on the recipient area (the balding area where hairs were transplanted).   This is normal and should not cause any major discomfort.   To the touch, a pimple may be a bit sore (as with a pimple anywhere else on your body).   If pimples do appear, they typically do so starting around one month after hair transplant surgery.   Many hair transplant patients have reported pimples appearing for months after surgery.   It is thought that pimples occur due to fragments of skin or hair that may have been caught beneath the skin’s surface.   Therefore this is a good sign of hair growth to come!

Tea Tree oil may be considered  to help treat the  pimples.    A warm damp cloth  applied to the recipient area can help draw them out and help!

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