Will I end up with a hair transplant like Senator Joe Biden?

Sun 17 Sep 2006

I have a large bald area in the crown (top/back) with more hair in the front, but still thinning with a high hairline. I am concerned that a hair transplant in my case will show significant improvements in the front but I’ll still have a large bald spot on top/back.

Here’s an example of my concern about hair transplantation – Sen. Joe Biden. He looks like he’s had a hair transplant (if you compare now to old photos) and looks pretty good in front. But when his head is tipped forward, the top and back are quite sparse compared to the thickness of the front… that does not look natural.   I would think a U.S. senator could afford the best hair restoration procedures so this is concerning me.

This is what I’m afraid of. Thoughts…? Joey

Senator Biden in the past had a transplanted hairline that looked like it was put in by a pop rivet gun back in the 70’s –   a real diplomatic disaster and could have potentially provoked a nuclear conflict.

But clearly someone did some decent hair transplant repair work on him. So now as long as he’s facing the camera he looks ok.

Is this country ready for a transplant repair patient for President? I say yes. McCain survived a North Vietnam prison. Biden survived 70’s hair transplantation. Which one endured more suffering? Who developed more character? Perhaps the voters will soon decide.

As for you Joey, progress has been made. Julius Caesar of Rome had to wear a silly wreath and more recently Senator Biden had plugs. But you as Joe Public can restore a naturally receded hairline with today’s hair restoration surgery.

So while real wages in America have not gone up since 1973 (so they say) fortunately hair transplantation has gotten much better for both national leaders and the man on the street.

So ask yourself – is life with a hairline better, even if you still have a bald crown?

Best wishes, Pat – publisher of the Hair Transplant Network

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  1. William Artist says:

    Sen. Joe Biden took a shot at former senator and presidental candidate John Edwards’ $400 haircut. I can only hope that Sen. Biden paid more for his hair transplant–but it does not look as if he did.

  2. matt says:

    > I would think a U.S. senator could afford
    > the best hair restoration procedures so this is
    > concerning me.

    Although most people in Congress use their post to line their pockets, Biden does not.

  3. BloughMee says:

    Good point Matt !

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