Itching After a Hair Transplant

Wed 5 Sep 2007

I recently had a hair transplant 2 weeks ago and my hair transplant doctor said that the  follicular unit grafts were secured but to still take precautions.     However, I’ve been experiencing dandruff so I scratched a little bit but stopped myself.   If you scratch this early on does that mean the grafts will come out?  

Congratulations on your recent hair transplant.

Itching is a common occurrence for those who have just had hair transplantation surgery.   Though it is an annoyance, it is a sign that the wounds are healing.

At 14 days post op, the hair follicles are nice and secured and could only be removed with surgery, so your grafts should be in good shape.    You would know if you lost even one follicular unit graft as you would have experienced bleeding in the area of your scalp from where it was lost.

Though your grafts will not be harmed, scratching with your nails while the skin is still healing and a bit sensitive is probably not the best idea.  

You may want to try a anti-dandruff shampoo such as Head and Shoulders.   Nizoral shampoo is also great but is a bit stronger.   I typically recommend waiting at least a month or two before using Nizoral shampoo because it can be a bit harsh on the scalp.   Revita shampoo contains the same active ingredient as Nizoral shampoo (ketoconazole) and appears more gentle from what I’ve experienced personally.

To aid healing and assist with anti-itching, I have  personally have used Aloe Vera Gel which provides a nice cooling sensation on the scalp and is good for the skin.   You may want to consider trying that as well.

Feel free to join our discussion forum  and share your experience with us.   I encourage you also to create a hair loss weblog.

I hope this helps.

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  1. ashfaq ahmed says:

    after two months of hair transplant can i use head and shoulder shampoo

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