Hair Transplant: Some Hairs Growing Thicker Than Others

Thu 20 Sep 2007

I am 4 months post-op from a hair transplant and I’m noticing that the transplanted hair at my temples come in thinner than  my hairline.   Is this normal?      I know i should not be expecting more then 25% density or growth.

Transplanted hairs will typically start to grow thin and colorless.   With time these hairs will thicken and will obtain normal pigmentation as the hair matures.   Full hair maturation can take up to 18 months.

Now some hairs are naturally thicker than others also so it is definately possible that some transplanted hairs will be slightly thicker than others.   Hopefully some of the “fine” hairs were used in the hairline and for the temples so it will obtain a soft and natural appearance.

It’s also very possible that the hairs at your hairline are growing in at faster rates than the hair at your temples.   This is  normal.  

At 4 months post-op from hair transplantation, you are only in the beginning stages.   I’m not sure who told you that you should only expect 25% more growth and density, but this is incorrect.   At 4 months, most people haven’t even had the majority of the new hairs  surface through the skin yet.     I’d say on the average that a hair transplant patient has about 60% more hair growth and density to come at 4 months post-op.

Give it at least 6-8 more months before a full evaluation of your HT.

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