Hair Transplant Clinic visit to Dr Joseph Williams, Las Vegas

Tue 23 Oct 2007

Pat with Dr WilliamsI recently had the opportunity to visit Dr. Williams and his staff as they performed a truly ultra refined hair transplant procedure in their Henderson office in the Las Vegas area. I found the high quality and refinement of their work very reassuring. After speaking extensively with the clinical staff it was obvious that they had extensive experience and took great pride in the quality of their work and patient results.

All grafts are trimmed under microscopes. Graft quality that I observed was excellent. The staff does not sub divide the naturally occurring 1, 2, 3 and 4 hair follicular units when creating grafts. Dr. William and his staff focus on one patient a day and have the capability to do 3,000 graft sessions.

Dr. Williams has a strong surgical background and has been performing follicular unit hair transplantation exclusively for the past seven years. He has a very good bedside manner and is very candid with his patients.

Patients are also provided with free post op low light laser therapy (LLLT). Dr. Williams and his staff have no doubt that this post op treatment has accelerated both the healing and growth for their patients.

Like many other leading hair transplant physicians, Dr. Williams often uses both perpendicular (lateral) and parallel (sagital) graft incisions depending on the area he is transplanting and whether the area has pre-existing hair. He never requires his patients to shave their hair.

He uses 0.8 mm cut to size blades for the one hair graft incisions and 0.9 up to 1.1 for two and three hair graft incisions.

On the day of my visit the patient had average donor density and extensive baldness. Dr. Williams measured his donor density using magnified video imaging. The patient’s donor density was estimated to be 76 follicular units per square centimeter.

Donor ClosureGiven the patients limited donor elasticity Dr. Williams felt that a strip measuring 25 cm long by 1.2 cm average width would be safe and minimize any chance of visible scarring in the donor area. He removed this strip and performed a trichophytic closure using staples to close the donor area.

This strip yielded 2,399 grafts consisting of 567 singles hair grafts, 1358 doubles and 474 threes. The patient had no four hair grafts.

Hair line design and graft locationsI was impressed by the way Dr. Williams allocated these grafts to reframe the patient’s face and restore his hairline.

I also had the chance to see a number of Dr. Williams’ patients in person who came into his office for follow up. Their results were very natural and their growth and density was impressive. Their donor scarring was also very minimal and of no cosmetic significance.

In my opinion, the work and results being done by Dr. Williams and his staff are truly ultra refined. Dr. Williams has been recommended on the Hair Transplant Network for the past three years.

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  1. Geri Wos says:

    After being very sick I lost a lot of hair.I did the laser therapy and it worked great! Actually it gave my poker straight hair lots of natural wave which sounds unbelievable, but true! I was faithful doing the program. My family and friends are amazed how my hair looks now.

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