I had a  2617 follicular unit graft hair transplant surgery for my hair loss  in  in mid November, 2007 (a little over three months ago), and am curious about the average time frame that others have noticed results?

The first 5 months  (the beginning phases) of  surgery  are often depressing and  can leave you full of doubt as to whether or not the hair replacement procedure was a success.   This is often due to the misinterpretation of when a [surgeon says that hair growth will start in 3 months.   Though the transplanted hair may very well start growing, very few patients notice any visible change in the appearance of their hair at this early stage.   But be patient; the result will come with time.   In order to help give you  an understanding of what to expect, I’ve described a little bit about the hair restoration hair regrowth process below.

Keep in mind that every patient is different and hair will start to grow at different times.   This is also  sometimes why hair transplant patients will see some nice growth on one side of their head and not the other.   This often leaves the balding patient concerned.   Rest assured however,  this is perfectly normal.

Hair growth from  surgery is a gradual process that only starts between 3 to 5 months.   Hair will typically start to grow as thin, colorless, and wispy and continue to mature up to 18 months.     At around 9 months, most of the hair has at least started to grow and is well on its way to maturity.   But hair thickening and darkening will continue for some time and will have a significant impact on the overall cosmetic result.  

The word “result” therefore becomes  very subjective.   If you are talking about seeing a cosmetic difference in your hair density and coverage, most hair transplant patients see some nice growth around 6-8 months.     The final mature hair replacement result won’t come until 12-18 months after surgery.

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