This hair loss question was answered by  Dr. Robert True of New York, NY who is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.   His professional answer is below.

When should I expect my transplanted hair to grow?

Dr. TrueBelow I’ve outlined what hair transplant patients should typically expect from their procedure and a hair growth timeline.

A) Dormant Period – the first 3 -4 months. Once the hairs have shed the newly transplanted follicles go into a resting period before they start to produce hair. This period is usually three to four months but in a small percentage of patients may extend even up to 6 months. It is uncommon to see any hair regrowth of new hair during this period. At the end of this dormant time the first of the new hairs begin to appear.

B) Emergent Period – months 4 – 5 through 8.   The new hairs gradually appear during this period. For most patients by 8 months, 90% of the hairs have emerged. For a small percentage of hair loss  patients, there may be a delay of 3 to 6 additional months before full emergence of hair has occurred. Newly emerged hairs are very fine. Hairs along the hairline often appear before those further back, and commonly the crown hairs are the slowest to appear. It is common to see irregular or patchy hair growth in the beginning that evens out toward the end of this period.

C)  Maturation Period – months 9 – 12. During this period, the new hairs thicken and mature. For patients with coarse hair, the hair may actually get somewhat frizzy during this period before relaxing in another three to four months. For 95% of patients, the full result of their hair transplant is achieved one year after their procedure. For a few patents it takes and additional 3 to 6 months to see the full result.


Bill Seemiller
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