The first amendment the constitution protects our right to free speech. However, the freedom of expression that we all enjoy on our hair loss forum  is not free. Recently, hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Alvi Armani made a decision to sue the Hair Transplant Network  for speaking freely on reservations patients have regarding his practices.

Over the years, numerous patient members and the publisher of this web community have expressed their concerns on a number of hair loss forum communities regarding Dr. Armani and his questionable ethics, technique, and deceptive marketing practices. Thus Dr. Armani decided to sue the Hair Transplant Network.

Educated patients publicly evaluating physicians and demanding only the very best results are largely responsible for advancing the hair transplant industry. Dr. Armani and his clinic must have the mistaken notation that intimidation tactics will prevent us from allowing patients their right to free speech and continuing the patient revolution. But they are sadly mistaken. We are willing to go all the way to fight to protect this patient community and their right to speak freely about hair transplant techniques and surgeons.

We invite you read all about the questionable and ethical issues surrounding Dr. Armani and exercise your right to your first amendment right by visiting our hair loss forum topic, Dr. Armani Lawsuit Against the Hair Transplant Network.

Among many reported concerns, Dr. Armani has misleadingly promoted his follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique as “non-surgical”. However, California State defines “surgery” as any puncturing of the skin. It appears that there are plenty of patients with first-hand knowledge of Dr. Armani allowing non-licensed technicians to perform their surgery. This is a clear violation of California law.

In the near future, we will be working with the California Medical Board to pursue a full investigation on Dr. Armani for allowing someone other than a licensed doctor to perform surgery. Stay tuned.

For over ten years, this patient based hair transplant community has fought an uphill battle to hold physicians accountable for their actions and upholding free speech. No lawsuit is going to put an end to this patient revolution.

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