Does Hair Taken From the Donor Area Grow Back In Hair Transplantation?

Sat 13 Oct 2007

What happens to the donor area after a hair transplant? Does the hair grow back normally?   Will there be any itching of any kind?

This is a great question, thanks for asking!

Hair removed from the donor area does not grow back.   Not only are hairs removed at the donor site, but the entire hair follicle and surrounding cells. Because the hair follicle is removed, the hair cannot grow back.

In Follicular Unit Transplantation  (FUT/FUSS), the donor area is sutured/stapled back together to create the most cosmetically pleasing thin scar as possible. With the trichophytic closure technique, scars can be even less evident because because one edge of the wound overlaps the other.   Therefore, existing hair follicles (that have not been removed) can grow through the donor scar.

In Follicular Unit Extraction  (FUE) / Follicular Isolation Technique  (FIT), hair follicles or follicular unit grafts are removed one by one and will create a small roundish white scar that is typically and easily camoflauged assuming small intrumentation is used to extract the hair graft and not too many hair grafts are removed in one single area.     removing too many hair grafts in a single area or overall could cause a “moth eaten” look in the donor region.

Donor itching is normal as it is a sign of the healing process.

I hope this helps.

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