At almost three weeks post-op, I’m noticing that my newly transplanted hair is becoming quite brittle and dry, even though I’m using a Nioxin conditioner every day. Is this normal? Maybe a sign that it’ll soon be shedding?

After a hair transplant surgery the transplanted hairs shed roughly three weeks post op. In all, anywhere from 80% to 95% of the hairs fall out, leaving the follicles behind to lie dormant for anywhere from three to eight months. There are rare cases where the hairs do not shed immediately and the patient seems to keep almost all of the transplanted hairs throughout the post-op process. However, most patients will shed almost all of the hairs. Before they shed, the hairs can feel dry, brittle, and lifeless.

It can be disconcerting to see the hairs shed after a hair restoration procedure, but try to remember that this is a good sign – a sign of progress. In just a few short months, the follicles will revive from their dormant state and new hair will sprout. The patient can expect this to begin at around four months post-op, with the hair transplant fully maturing at around 12 or 13 months after the procedure.


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