Dr. Richard Keller Joins the Ranks of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

Fri 22 Feb 2013

Dr_Keller_PhotoOnly an elite group of highly esteemed surgeons who perform ultra refined hair transplantation with excellent results are invited to join the ranks of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. To see our demanding standards for the Coalition, click here.

Recently, we sought your input on the potential Coalition membership for Dr. Richard Keller of Deerfield, Illinois.  Given the accolades he’s received from forum members and other leading hair surgeons regarding his results, we’re not surprised that the responses regarding his potential inclusion were highly supportive.

To see what our members are saying regarding his potential inclusion, visit the discussion topic “Potential Coalition Membership for Dr. Richard Keller“.

The forum topic about Dr. Keller’s potential Coalition membership showcases numerous examples of his excellent hair transplant results, and demonstrates why he was nominated to be a member of this elite group. To see additional examples of his work, please visit the “Results Posted by Leading Hair Restoration Clinics” forum.

Given Dr. Keller’s history of impressive results and dedication to the field of hair restoration, it’s clear why his potential Coalition membership was met with enthusiasm. Thus, we’d like to congratulate Dr. Keller for being approved for Coalition membership. You can view Dr. Keller’s Coalition profile by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone who provided their valuable feedback regarding Dr. Keller’s potential Coalition membership. You are encouraged to congratulate him by visiting the discussion topic above.

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