Video Interviewing Recommended Hair Transplant Physician Dr. Ricardo Mejia

Tue 6 Dec 2016

Some time ago, we added a collection of hair transplant video interviews featuring Dr. Ricardo Mejia, who is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.

To learn more about Dr. Mejia, his philsophy on hair restoration surgery and patient care, visit “Hair Transplant Video Interviews with  Dr. Ricardo Mejia” on YouTube.

To see all of our videos, visit our hair transplant videos  on YouTube.

Below, we’ve embedded a few of the video  interviews featuring Dr. Mejia.   We welcome your input on any or all of these videos.

Developing Realistic Hair Restoration Goals by Dr. Mejia

Natural Hair Transplant Results by Dr. Mejia

Taking Care of Hair Transplant Patients by Dr. Ricardo Mejia

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