Treating Hair Loss in Women

Tue 29 Jan 2013

female hair lossAlthough most assume hair loss is primarily a male problem, it’s important to remember that alopecia affects a significant number of women as well. What’s more, the social stigma and psychological strain of female hair loss can be particularly devastating to women, which makes treating this condition an important task.

While hair loss can be stressful, embarrassing, and depressing for both male and female hair loss sufferers, Coalition hair restoration surgeon Dr. Mike Beehner understands the impact of hair loss in women and recently shared his opinion regarding the importance of treating female baldness on our Hair Restoration Discussion Forums:

Dr. Beehner: 

I don’t know if the percentage of women with significant hair loss is rising, but most experts certainly agree that around 20% of women have significant hair loss to the degree that they seek professional help of some sort.

Treating female hair loss is one of the most gratifying aspects of my practice, since women are devastated by hair loss and it removes one of the main identifying characteristics of beauty we associate with the female sex.

It’s unfortunate that around 15-20 years ago someone started the “buzz” that women weren’t good candidates for modern hair restoration therapies, but this isn’t true. What’s more, we actually encourage female hair loss sufferers to increase their self-esteem and self-image by utilizing proven treatments like Rogaine (minoxidil) for Women.

Additionally, with advances in surgical hair restoration, women are also now becoming good candidates for hair transplant surgery.They have a somewhat higher incidence of mild “shocking” and also forehead swelling after surgery, but there are various techniques that can be used that greatly minimize these two things and achieve successful female hair transplantation. 

Altogether, it’s important for female hair loss sufferers to understand they are not alone in this struggle, and that effective treatment is available. If hair loss is affecting a woman’s life or well-being, we highly recommend seeking hair restoration advice. Additionally, keep in mind that female hair loss is often caused by a variety of internal issues, and seeking a consultation with a trusted physician or hair loss expert to determine the cause of the hair loss is an important first step.

We wish female hair loss sufferers the best of luck, and hope all individuals begin understanding and respecting the importance of treating hair loss in women.

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