Taking Vitamin K before a Hair Transplant

Sat 18 Sep 2010

This question, from a member of the Hair Restoration Social Community and Discussion Forums, was answered by recommended hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey:

Vitamin K is known as the coagulation vitamin. It helps the blood clot and wounds to heal. I wonder if this would be helpful to take before and immediately after a hair transplant procedure? Has this ever come up?

Given the small slit sizes we use now during follicular unit transplantation (FUT), I find Vitamin K of no use and it may increase the risk of deep venous thrombosis (leg blood clots) in patients who are sitting still for hours on end. I would advise our patients NOT to use it.

Much more important is simply avoiding blood thinners: Advil, aspirin, alcohol, green or white tea, herbs, vitamins and especially vitamin E. Those patients seeking a surgical solution to hair loss should also give their hair restoration physician a history of any bleeding problems pre-op. 4% of individuals have a mild bleeding disorder called Von Willobrands disease.

Dr. William Lindsey – Mclean, VA


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