Is It Normal for Hair Transplant Techs to Place the Follicular Unit Grafts?

Sat 15 Jan 2011

This following article was written by recommended hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey and posted on our Hair Restoration Social Community and Discussion Forums.

Is it normal for a hair restoration surgeon to have his techs do most, if not all, of the grafting? I read that the physician I am considering does this.

Back in the days of minigraft hair transplantation, I probably placed about 75% of the grafts. When we switched to follicular unit grafting and increased the size of the cases, techs became more involved. Once we passed 1200 grafts, I essentially put in about half the grafts and the tech(s) did the others, with me finishing up.

Now, with bigger cases, and techs who really are quicker, more delicate, and more gentle than my 46 year old hands are, if I were having a hair transplant I’d want my techs to place my grafts preferential to me placing my own grafts if, of course, it were even possible.

The three key elements to a successful hair transplant are: a well thought out hairline design, dense placement and proper orientation of the slits   and gentle placement in an expedient fashion. The doctor should perform the first two and oversee and quality control the third item.

William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS
McLean, VA


David – aka TakingThePlunge
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