Intercytex Discontinues its Hair Multiplication Development Operations

Thu 7 Jan 2010

Millions of hair loss sufferers worldwide hold  high hopes that hair multiplication (HM) will be the baldness cure of the near future.   Hair cloning may eventually provide balding men and women with  an unlimited supply of their own natural hair to end baldness once and for all.   Unfortunately, Intercytex is closing its doors after a long uphill battle to develop this future hair loss treatment.

Intercytex is a UK based company and was a major contender in developing hair multiplication/cloning. They’ve also been developing other treatments including those for wound healing, wrinkles, and blindness. In addition to slashing overheads and reducing staff, Intercytex sold the assets of its subsidiary Axordia to Pfizer in an attempt to support working capital. Unfortunately, the amount was inadequate to stay in business and no other funding was obtainable. Their stock which at one time traded for over $100 per share has slumped down to $4 per share and is now virtually worthless since the company is being dissolved.

Patrick Hennessey, publisher of the Hair Transplant Network visited Intercytex’s hair multiplication operation in Manchester, England when he visited the Farjo Clinic back in May of 2007. While they appeared to have good management and promising preliminary results, their subsequent Phase II testing on humans failed to produce cosmetically significanthair regrowth. It’s suggested that the key to success may lie in growing stem cells in vitro to a hair follicle stage and then transplanting the hair follicles using today’s state of the art surgical hair restoration techniques.

Intercytex intends to sell the majority of its remaining assets including their hair multiplication/cloning research, wound healing agents, and anti-aging agent Vavelta over the next few months. Who if anyone, will be responsible for continuing research performed by Intercytex in developing hair multiplication is unknown at this time.

Bill Seemiller
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  1. Robert Spencer says:

    Just to add, ARI has purchased them and they actually made good use of their ICX-TRC flagship development.
    Now it’s being used in advanced trials and we might be able to get the benefits of it soon. So not all for nothing in the case of Intercytex!

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